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International Symposium  - UPDATE CRAFT



Date: Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Venue: Theater Hall, Public Collaboration Center, Arts & Science LAB., Tokyo University of the Arts

Organised by: Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

Funded by: The Kajima Foundation for the Arts

Steering committee Academic Chairpersons- Yuji Akimoto, Ryo Mikami

Academic committee member - Makoto Toyofuku

Chairperson -Keitaro Matsui

Vice-chairperson - Takato Sasaki

Committee members - Taku Higuchi, Shinichiro Mikami, Masaki Inokoshi, Fumie Sasaki, Mizuto Miyazaki, Sakiko Sugimura, Mamiko Masumura, Miho Katsuragawa




The aim of this international symposium was to invite the world renowned craft researchers, curators and professors to discuss the up-to-date trend of craft. In the conference, there were presentations and discussions on the trend and vision of crafts in different countries and regions. Takato Sasaki worked as a Vice-chairperson of a steering committee.



Guest Speakers:


Hyeyoung Cho [Korea]

Art Director


Malcolm Ferris [UK]

Curator of the Making Futures International Conference Series, Director of Research at Plymouth College of Art (UK)


Christine Knoke [USA]

Director of Exhibitions and Chief Curator at Mingei International Museum (San Diego, California)


Nadine Vischer Klein [Switzerland]

Chairwoman and founder of Tresor Basel AG





Yuji Akimoto [Japan]

Director / Professor of the University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts

Director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa







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