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The Expert Tutelage at Art Schools


Takato Sasaki contributed his short piece of writing to a Japanese paperback book





I am pleased to inform you that I had written and contributed a short piece of writing titled The Expert Tutelage at Art Schools to a Japanese paperback book called Ceramics: make - move - use (Edited by Mikio Sasaki & Masanori Saito, 2018).


Basically, this paperback is a collection of selected short essays written by educators, researchers and specialists on ceramics. Every essay introduces world ceramics and system of production, distribution and consumption of ceramic works. My writing is a kind of autobiographical narrative analysis based on my own study abroad experience at the world-leading art schools in London: Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London and Royal College of Art.




Sasaki, Takato, The Expert Tutelage at Art Schools in Ceramics: make - move - use

Edited by: Mikio Sasaki and Masanori Saito

Language: Japanese

Publisher: Kindai Bungei-sha

Date of Publication: 20 May 2018








News Ceramics & Glass course at Tokyo University of the Arts





The Ceramics & Glass course in Department of Crafts at Tokyo University of the Arts has just been officially established in April 2018 as a merger of two programmes: Ceramics and Glass. I work as a Research Associate in the new Ceramics & Glass course for a year.








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