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Material Awareness

My work is based on idea of the formation of material awareness through ceramic practices. One of my major interests is how a personal understanding of materials, techniques and process can be transformed into art works. Basically, clay is a highly plastic material with certain intrinsic properties and characteristics. Therefore, ceramic artists need to establish their own principles through experience, tactility and perception. I have focused on this interactive relationship between the ceramic artist and clay as one of the important elements of my creation, and considered how my ideas can be formed and presented in studio work.

I am currently drawing abstract forms in three dimensions in clay through the communicative thinking of reductive and additive strategies. Clay has been metamorphosed into various forms in the process of adding values to clay through my hands. The values have been crystallised through my actions such as scratching, cutting and marking. They are a fundamental means of communication between the ceramic artist and the material, which can act as a starting point for creative thinking. In my point of view, notable ceramic artists who take idiosyncratic views of material practice raise their own consciousness of form, texture, colour and scale in the process of developing personal languages of clay forming. As a result, this idea has encouraged me to redefine clay as a drawing medium, through which hand marks and traces have translated my thoughts into clay.



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