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Tokyo University of the Arts - Student Lectures


KAKEHASHI Project: Student Creators Dispatch Program





Venue: Montclair State University




School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)





KAKEHASHI Project: Student Creators Dispatch Program


Dates: 5 November 2014  - 15 November 2014

Number of participants: 25 (23 students and 2 supervisors)

Schools / Institutions: Graduate School of Fine Arts and Graduate School of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo)

Commissioned by: Japan-U.S. Educational Commission (Fulbright Japan)

Organised by: The Japan Foundation (Co-organised by: The Laurasian Institution, USA)

Regional itinerary organised by: Japan International Cooperation Center




KAKEHASHI Project - The Bridge for Tomorrow is a part of the Youth Exchange programme with North America promoted by the Japanese Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA). The main aim of this project is to promote international understanding of Japanese culture through mutual communication between Japan and the United States. Furthermore, the objective of this programme is to train future leaders of Japan-US exchanges. It encourages young people to establish global network and develop their perspectives.


In the domain of arts and music, 23 students have been selected from various Departments at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and they were dispatched abroad to the United States as student creators in November 2014. Takato Sasaki (2nd Year Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts) took part in this project as a subleader of the delegation from the university.


TUA students visited distinguished art universities, institutions and museums, including Montclair State University, Yale School of Art, Yale School of Music, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and each student has presented unique presentation about Japanese art and culture from artistic and musical viewpoints.




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