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European Ceramic Context 2010  Student Workshop




Takato Sasaki, Oblique Strategies Project [detail] (2010) Ink on paper. 30.0 X 20.0 cm each.

Bornholm, DENMARK.  Photographer: Takato Sasaki



Venue:    Mobelfabrikken, Bornholm, DENMARK


Workshop dates:    11 September - 22 September 2010




Ane Fabricius Christiansen, Ceramic Artist [DENMARK]


                        Richard Launder [UK], Associate Professor at Bergen National Academy of the Arts [NORWAY]


                        Martin Thaulow, Visual Contemporary Artist [DENMARK]



Workshop themes:

The themes for this upcoming workshop centers around post industrial industry and alternative ways of exposure for ceramics. The craft maker/ceramic artist as a cultural entrepreneur or worker and how ceramic artists have previously had strong professional identity related to the industry. The ceramic industry is now decreasing rapidly in many European countries compared to before. How does young ceramic artists see themselves today? Many galleries and traditional exhibition spaces are closing and new exposure forms occur. Artists are using alternative forms of exposure to show their work, in the streets or as happenings, in pop up galleries or otherwise, which is far away from the white plinths in traditional galleries. (Quoted from European Ceramic Context 2010 website)


European Ceramic Context 2010 forms part of a biennial symposium for European contemporary ceramics and glass on the island of Bornholm in DENMARK.
Through comprehensive exhibitions, workshops, master classes, lectures and an artist in residence program, an opportunity will arise to discuss and present the best of contemporary European ceramics and glass, with changing biannual exposure. All 27 members of the European Union as well as ICELAND, NORWAY and SWITZERLAND will be participating.
This is a biennial symposium for European contemporary ceramics and glass on the island of Bornholm, DENMARK.

Takato Sasaki took part in the student workshop programme as a nominated student from the Royal College of Art, UK.


Mobelfabrikken (2010)  Photographer: Takato Sasaki                              Workshop in Mobelfabrikken (2010)  Photographer: Takato Sasaki


Meeting and Induction (2010)  Photographer: Takato Sasaki                     Mapping project in Nexo (2010)  Photographer: Takato Sasaki


       Takato Sasaki, Souvenir Project (2010) Ink on paper. 16.0 X 20.0 cm.                          Screening: Visual Notes at the harbour, Nexo (2010)                   

Bornholm, Denmark.  Photographer: Takato Sasaki                                                     Photographer: Takato Sasaki                    

Copyright 2010 Takato Sasaki  All rights reserved.